Every morning I walk to a coffee shop two blocks from my home and pass this building.

There are very few people who know the importance of it. To most it looks old, boarded up, and makes you think twice about trespassing. So why would passing this building in the morning serve as motivation to me?

You see, it is at THIS very location that Joe Weider started what would turn into the empire that is Men’s Fitness, Shape Magazine, Muscle and Fitness and Flex Magazine. The man was also responsible for bringing Arnold to the states, manufactured a line of equipment/nutritional supplements, and created the Mr./Ms./Masters Olympia.

What a legacy he’s left! Looking at this building reminds me that the actions after my morning coffee will determine the type of legacy I leave.

I’m confident that if Weider didn’t go against the norm, hadn’t surrounded himself with great people, and never took a chance that the fitness industry would be very different. And this abandoned building would be just what it looks like.

No matter how you look at it, one day your business will be boarded up and the only thing that will be left behind, if your lucky, is your legacy.

Did your actions in 2013 set you up to leave a legacy or did it set you up to one day have a business that will be boarded up, abandoned, and worst of all forgotten.

2014 is your year to build a legacy.

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